DD Signs


About Us

The company started on January 2nd, 1998. At that time we started as a simple company doing vinyl signs cutting our vinyl using a 18 inch plotter from Roland DGA. At the time we were hoping to use the new printing section of the Roland ColorCAMM which printed at 300 dpi resolution using resin ribbons. But to our dismay, the idea never took hold on the Guyanese market. However, we used the machine extensively as a plotter to cut lettering logos and for assistance with large scale artwrok post production mask preparation, up until 2003, when we sold it to another sign company.

As a replacement we bought a Graphtec FC4100 wide format machine to plot and cut vinyl. An impressive machine that cuts up to four feet wide, at a variety of speeds making our work that much easier.

For high quality printing for Billboards, signs and so forth, we print on both an Hewlett Packard 2500 CP and an Hewlett Packard 2800 CP printers printing at 600 dpi Photorealistic resolution. Whether up close or one hundred feet away, excellent imaging. For billboard and lighted sign imaging, we print onto approved 3M Media for the best and most durable Images.

Recently added to the line is an Encad VinylJet, which we use primarily for producing Vinyl banners. This step into the future gives high quality full coloured Vinyl Banners at an affordable price. Direct-to-Vinyl with no lamination required, we now produce fast affordable banners.



6 Avenue of the Republic, Telephone: (592) 223-6205, Tel/Fax: (592) 227-2814